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ABACA tablelamp

© 2013 Corporate Matters GmbH


handmade in the Philippines from Abacá plant fibers, a species of banana: sustainable material, without colour additives. Each layer of the lamp is handcrafted separately and then assembled by Masaeco, MASA Ecological Development Inc., Tagaytay City, Philippines






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© 2014 Corporate Matters GmbH


Handmade article produced from  metal and antique oriental carpets.  The frame was created by welding together metal pipes and were matt varnished, rusted or left untreated. Old hand-made carpets from India, Afghanistan and Iran are used as seats. After cutting,  they are reinforced on the underside using truck canvas and are then linked . Multiple stools can be stacked.





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YES & NO clock

© 2014 Corporate Matters GmbH


The Yes wall clocks are made out of nut, spruce or pear wood. Each numeral is from a different existing language and lasered onto the clockface. It is operated with a quartz silent movement and battery.








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SPACE & Invader stool

Design: Barbara Heißler and Martha Cech,
Corporate Matters GmbH © 2013


Stool made from handpicked European beech, ash, walnut, cherry or pear wood.

Handcrafted in Austria in traditional carpentry handwork. Solid boards of 26 mm thickness - each of the same trunk - have been carefully selected by our experienced cabinet maker according to aesthetic aspects like colour, texture and grain, then they were cut and glued onto panels of the required size. After drying, the panels were planed to the favored thickness of 18 mm, cut exactly and dovetailed at both ends in elaborate handicraft as so-called box joints: these are extremely solid, hard-wearing traditional timber joints. Prior to assembling the seating has been decorated with Space Invaders-texture. For assembling, the timber joints have been put together and glued. After finishing, linseed wood oil has been applied by hand two times: so as to preserve the precious impact of the solid wood on living comfort and interior climate.



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 Fotos by Alex Zimmerhackl